How To Decorate Your Home With African Baskets

If you find yourself searching for ideas on how to decorate your home with African baskets, then you’ve come to the right place! African baskets add just about the right amount of warmth, beauty and elegance to your home & living space.

What’s the simple definition of a basket? But wait… let me answer that rhetorically. When I think of a basket I think about an object that could hold a bunch of flowers or something that is aesthetically interwoven for the purpose of decoration.

When you buy a new home or move into a new apartment there are a couple of things that might occupy your mind in terms of making the ambiance of your home look welcoming and beautiful.

Have you taken a momentarily gaze into the sky? I guess at some point you have. It might have been at the night hour when the stars begin to scintillate the dark expanse of the sky or when a motley bow of colors stretches like an arch from one side of the sky to the other commonly called a rainbow.

This was because the Creator thought that as an idea to place up there as a design to make this planet we call earth look beautiful from a visual point of view. Hmm. I am stretching this topic too deep but that’s just me… Just trying to help you catch my point.


So, now let’s say you have just finished building your house or moved into an apartment like I earlier mentioned. You may have thought of ideas to make the interior beautiful.

If adding up a basket that looks just stunning isn’t part of the design paradigm then I think you should do a rethink.

Why We Love African Baskets...

African baskets showcase the colorful and joyful spirit of their makers. All around the world, these baskets have become well loved additions to homes & living spaces.

Interestingly, there are numerous reasons why African baskets are adored around the world:  they’re simply perfect!  – their ample sizes, colorful designs, versatility and durability.

Did you know that, African baskets are crafted to last for several years with little to no maintenance required?

This is because of the sturdiness of the elephant grasses that each basket is made from. These baskets just get better with time just like fine wine!

If you are an African enthusiast then this would integrate well into your home decor plan. I guess your guests who just walk into your home would truly appreciate beauty in terms of decoration and much more you’ll be satisfied with the euphoria it brings to you.

Let’s say you invite them into your living room, with the sunlight beaming into the open space, illuminating the atmosphere and then accentuating the beauty of the baskets hanging on the wall like the one depicted on this article.

It’s good that pictures throw a virtual hint of what you desire.


How To Decorate Your Home With African Baskets

So, below is a few hints on how to make your home stunning with just a few African baskets that look like the one you saw at the beginning of this article. Let’s get right into!

How To Decorate Your Home With African Baskets

Most baskets are lightweight and could easily be held upright against the wall by just passing a line through it. But first:

Wall Basket Looping - How To Hang A Wall Basket - Africa Blooms

Tip 1: You will have to make a loophole from one tip of the line.

Tip 2: After you have created a loophole, then pass it through the center of the basket. This is the step that actually holds the basket in an upright position against the wall.

Tip 3: Although, you may use a small nail to hold the basket against the wall, however the only slight defect about this hint is that it could damage most of the basket from a closeup view.

Tip 4: You may prevent hint number 3 from damaging your basket by having a hook on the wall and then hanging the basket with the loophole line. Did you notice how neatly its held against the wall? That’s what I am talking about!

After you’ve done this to all the baskets you want to hang on the wall of your living space then it should reflect something like this below! Beautiful right?

African Wall Art - African Interior Design - African Baskets for Sale - 1b - Africa Blooms
How To Decorate Your Home With African Baskets
Blue African Basket - Small Basket - 2t - Africa Blooms
Orange Oval Table Basket - African Storage Basket - 1e - Africa Blooms
Yellow African Basket - Small Basket - 1d - Africa Blooms
Yellow African Gourd Basket - Small Jewelry Basket - 1d - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 11 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 2 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 10 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 9 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 8 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 5 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 3 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 4 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 12 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 6 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 4 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 18 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 3 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 15 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 19 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 17 - Africa Blooms
African Wall Baskets - 14 - Africa Blooms
Tie dye African blanket - AFRICA BLOOMS
African Wall Baskets - 16 - Africa Blooms
African Hand Painted Pillows - AFRICA BLOOMS

After you’ve achieved this interior decor in your living room, go grab yourself a cookie and wine. Relax comfortably and enjoy the beauty of your creation!

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